Morgan Marketing Capabilities

Effective, strategic marketing is about using the best tools available to meet set goals; this invariably means a combination of traditional, digital and social marketing. We have experience working with all these different media.

Advertising should look to generate an action or a reaction. We want an audience to know more and think better about a brand. We aim to get an increased propensity to use a service, purchase a product, or have the desire to engage. 

We need a connection with an audience, so we must really understand that audience, the demographic and its motivations. The tone of voice, the creative styling and messaging must work differently for select audiences. 

Advertising is about impactful messaging bringing results.  EXPERIENCE. ENGAGE. ACT

Advertising services

TV, Print, Digital, Social Media, Radio, Media Planning and Buying

We create new identities that are unique, memorable and ownable, whether corporate or brand driven. They must be strategically relevant and engaging to the audience. 

Design is about consistently communicating and projecting a brand positioning and message through strong visual execution. 

It requires a thorough understanding of what the brand stands for, a visual tone of voice that works consistently across all executions, creating a brand design family.

Branding & Design Services

Brand strategy & positioning, Corporate & brand identity development, Brand guidelines, Print and visual support materials  

Digital marketing has a multitude of benefits through its unique form of interaction with an audience. Tightly focused and targeted campaigns allow us to generate great efficiencies both strategically and from a cost perspective. 

For example: we develop email campaigns for existing customers about new services; we create geofenced campaigns to target new customers; we interact with select audiences through contextually targeted advertising; always with defined and relevant content. 

Our campaigns are designed to be engaging and purposeful; not random exercises but instead drawn up from specific data analysis and personalized accordingly. Our approach is to optimize targeting and engage with relevancy to achieve the conversions that generate the ROI.

Digital Marketing Services

Nowadays media planning is more important and relevant than it has ever been. It is not just about making the most cost-efficient buys, but about strategically determining the most effective routes to market. Targeting relevance is key, it means establishing the most likely avenue to engagement. 

Media strategy is about priorities; budgets are finite, and it is our responsibility to find the BEST methods and vehicles to use these budgets effectively.

Media opportunities now demand great creativity as well as strategy in the planning process. The platforms are so varied and extensive within traditional, digital, and paid social that achieving the best ROI requires a full understanding of all the options. 

It is not just about ratings, reach and frequency, or indeed about clicks and impressions, but about integrated efficiencies and audience engagement.   

Media Services

Public Relations offers the chance for brands to build reputation. There are now multiple channels available to tell stories, increase profile and promote brand relationships.

We have integrated many platforms for our clients over the years, from typical media relations messaging, to online profile enhancements, to sponsorships wedding our clients with empathetic third parties. 

We have built reputations and awareness through online blogs and with sophisticated online review partners. 

We know how to find a story, impart a message, promote a relationship, and leverage through various channels to support our brands. 

PR Services

We want our clients ranking high on the first page of any search engine. There are strategies we use and techniques available to make sure this happens. Ongoing analysis of how a website is performing and being used by customers, sets the benchmark for need while directing activity. 

Organically we ensure our clients’ websites are search relevant for customers and optimized on the back-end; writing copy and creating content that drives the desired search to our clients’ sites. It might be News articles or videos or links, posts, Google profiles and reviews; the options are broad and varied, and we develop and monitor as an ongoing part of SEO.  

Inorganically, through paid ads, can be a quick way to boost search appearances, adopting keywords and phrases and generating ads to appear whenever customers search for what we provide. We develop these campaigns, managing and adapting ongoing to maximize efficiencies.

SEO Services

Case Studies

We determine a social media plan by our clients’ audiences and our predetermined objectives. It will be about KPIs, but it will be driven by an optimization strategy for likelihood of engagement. 

For manufacturing clients, we are more likely to be marketing within LinkedIn, working through content creation for interesting and engaging posts, as well as Newsfeed and InMail lead generating advertising and relationship building. 

While with our services, healthcare, and retail clients our world is more about content creation for Facebook and Twitter posts and advertising.  

Social Media Services

Case Studies

The best results come from good strategic thinking and planning. We take the time to study our clients’ businesses, until we fully understand the issues and opportunities, their influences, and any subtle nuances. 

We get to know their audiences, how to reach them and what motivates them. Experience is essential in helping to ask the right questions, listen and understand the answers, so we can have the right insights to develop our strategic plans and executions accordingly.

We have the experience and expertise to turn great thinking onto great marketing campaigns. We know how to prioritize recommendations against budgets, and we know how to execute campaigns to get the best results.

Strategy & Planning Services

Case Studies

Videos are the opportunity to tell an in-depth story about your company and your brand. They can help engage an audience like nothing else, providing valuable content for social media, and enlivening websites, stimulating emotional responses while conveying significant depths of messaging. They increase engagement in digital marketing and help energize trade show presentations.

Their flexibility of use, individuality and uniqueness, make videos a valuable tool in our marketing arsenal.

Video Services

Your website is your shop window, your opportunity to project curbside appeal – if people don’t like it, or the functionality is poor, then you are likely to lose business, period. In contrast a great website can help stimulate new business, new customers.  

It is your opportunity to show yourself off in the best possible light, and help your customers with their needs quickly and efficiently. It shows off your brand personality and reflects your business; a dynamic and efficient site conveys that message about your brand. It is a key messaging vehicle to inform and assist customers, do it well and they will notice. 

Website Services