Manufacturing is such a competitive field it is important to stand out from the crowd. We develop distinctive positioning, with messaging and imagery to support this – from visually interesting logos, print material and websites, to taglines that project competitive advantage, and we use a variety of media methods to get these messages to the targeted audiences. 

Take Aero Gear – we created a tagline that recognized good was simply not a good enough positioning in aerospace, so we came up with “Insist on Excellence”; a way of saying to customers ‘if you insist on excellence, work with us because we insist on excellence in our products, our processes and our people’. Or Arcor Laser – “When Precision Matters”, again focusing on what they do and the recognition of how important it is.

This approach reflects our philosophy for manufacturers, ‘understand what makes you special, and shout about how good you are at it, don’t whisper’. Be different and be memorable.   

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