Baribault Jewelers

All jewelers are the same, at least that’s how it might look if you don’t know more. Seemingly everyone uses a diamond as a logo and shows rings and watches on models in advertising. No personality, no individuality…well that’s where we came in.

We needed to understand what people really sought from a jeweler, and why they shopped at the jewelers they did. Big chains offered brand awareness, accessibility, and cheaper goods – smaller stores needed to project a more personal touch, with greater care about why customers were shopping and expertise to help in selection. 

Actually, our task was easy because our clients were tremendous, beautiful people, committed and expert. A three-generation family company with all family members involved and willing, so we chose to feature the family in all the creative work, giving us unique and relevant brand personality. 

We also identified that the idea of shopping at a jewelry store is about gifting, whether to a loved one or to oneself…so a new identity was born.  

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