Chapter 126

Chapter 126 is an extraordinary sports and fitness facility designed specifically for people with disabilities. We were briefed to come up with a new brand identity and to help launch and subsequently market the facility.  

We came up with some great visual work and ideas; using some very different and creative marketing strategies and vehicles, including: creating the ‘Challenged Athletes Zone’ at the Hartford Marathon, sponsoring episodes of Speechless, supporting NBC CT’s Paralympics TV coverage, sponsoring March Madness updates, sponsoring paratransit vehicles – creativity is not just the domain of visual work, it can be the media strategy as well.

The results have been a strong visual identity across a multimedia platform, assisting in a seamless integration of both companies, and positive messaging of engagement and empowerment for both customers and internally. When the company President says, ‘you have become an invaluable part of our organization and the HarcoSemco brand’, you know you must have done something right.

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