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We had the wonderful challenge of renaming and, from a marketing point of view, reinventing Stamford Federal Credit Union. As marketers this is as good as it gets. The task is strategic and creative, from top to bottom. Understanding the current state of the organization and its audiences, appreciating strengths and recognizing weaknesses, with a view to fundamentally recreating the brand positioning and visually projecting that newness. 

Partnership with visionary clients is always a joy and here we truly had one. Much of current financial marketing is similar in tone and look, so our brief was “do it different and do it better”. 

We started by renaming the organization to reflect the values they wanted to project for their membership, while acknowledging the roots and location of the community. This was underpinned by creative work that has a visual freshness, vibrancy and energy to appeal to a new audience.  The client was very happy and we are extremely proud of how it has worked for them.   

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“I have the pleasure of currently working with Richard and the Morgan Marketing Team. Richard brings a fresh, positive look at our business and has energized our entire branding, marketing, and business development efforts. More importantly, Richard has become a true partner and an integral part of our Leadership Team. His counsel and perspective have delivered measurable, meaningful results to our outreach, our growth, and our profitability. Making him a part of your Team will do the same for you!”

Edward Fox, President & CEO

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